3XN architects

This massive, beautifully rendered monograph on the Danish practice known for creating architecture in the nexus between science and art, between iconic design and context, is packed with information covering more than 25 works and projects, critical essays, case studies and interviews. From high-profile buildings like the Danish Embassy in Berlin, Ørestad College and the Museum of Liverpool to smaller projects like the Louisiana Pavillion and NOMA Lab, the entire spectrum of the offices accomplishments to date is presented.

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Mind Your Behavior

Mind Your Behaviour invites you into 3XNs architectural universe, demonstrating how to create buildings with a focus on behaviour and placing people in the middle of this examination. Mind Your Behaviour is an invitation for reflection. It invites the spectator to approach the world thoughtfully and with curiosity in order to examine how architectural surroundings affect our behaviour.

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Investigate, Ask, Tell, Draw, Build

by Matteo Cainer (29 Nov 2007)

Black dog publishing


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